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9 Trop Rock Christmas CDs for Your Island Holiday

10 Trop Rock Christmas CDs for the Holidays

Trop Rock Christmas CDs are just what you need if you’re not spending the holidays on a luscious tropical island or even if you are! These CDs are mostly full of beach fun songs with a little traditional Christmas songs in the mix.

There’s no reason why you’re holidays shouldn’t be filled with visions of sandy beaches, tropical drinks and santa in a bathing suit.


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Jimmy Buffett: ‘Tis the SeaSon
Just released! It’s been 10 years since Jimmy Buffett has given us Parrot Heads a Christmas CD. The 12 days of Christmas Parrot Head Style is the most fun. Throughout the CD Buffett changes up lyrics in the traditional songs for a Parrot Head slant. Plenty of fun to be had on this new CD.
Amazon: ‘Tis the SeaSon

Jimmy Buffett: Christmas Island
It’s the classic Jimmy Buffett Christmas CD and it’s one of the best beachy-island style CD ever made. If it’s not already in your collection, it’s a must have.
Amazon: Christmas Island

Jim Morris: I Like Presents
Who doesn’t like presents? Jim Morris’ title song celebrates all the fun of a pile of presents on Christmas. If you’re familiar with one of Jim’s favorite spots in Florida, the Nav-A-Gator Grill, then you’ll appreciate his song “12 Days of a Nav-A-Gator Christmas.” Jim’s albums always has a great drinking song and his Christmas CD is no different. “It’s 12:15am on New Years Day” and it might be the one-and-only time you can say “I haven’t had a drink all year.”
Amazon: I Like Presents

Brent Burns: Christmas Vacation
True to Brent Burns’ style, this is a collection of funny Trop Rock Christmas songs. Why not have Christmas music that makes you laugh? If you’re a Snowbird or live in those southern climates, you’ll relate to “12 Days of Snowbird Christmas” and hopefully “I Got Drunk at the Office Christmas Party” won’t be you this year! For all of us dreaming of the Trop Rock lifestyle, our Santa arrives by boat just as Brent sings about in “The Santa Boat.” Get out of the cold and enjoy!
Amazon: Christmas Vacation

Beachfront Radio: Yule Love Trop Rock
A Trop Rock Christmas CD compilation of artists who donated a song or two for the “Yule Love Trop Rock” CDs. With several exclusive songs, it’s hard to choose between Vol. I and Vol. II. It’s probably best to grab both for a really good deal. The proceeds of these CD’s go to Beachfront Radio to keep the Trop Rock music playing all year long.
Only available at: Beachfront Radio
John Patti: A Calyp-Soul Christmas
Steel pans and traditional Christmas songs will warm up your holidays by bringing the island sounds to you. John’s Calyp-Soul Christmas album features a number of Trop Rock artists such as Jimi Pappas, “Sunny” Jim White, Jim Morris and Nadirah Shakoor.
Amazon: A Calyp-Soul Christmas

Gene Mitchell: Christmas in Paradise
All original Trop Rock Christmas CD. In Gene’s album, Santa goes surfing to a Beach Boys tune, we’re smiling because we’re spending Christmas in the Islands and you get to open your presents under a palm tree on the beach. Get in the spirit with “Christmas Boat Parade” when you’re decorating your boat or finding a great spot on the shore to watch the lights go by.
Amazon: Christmas in Paradise

Todd Sparks: Christmas Cruise
Let’s spend Christmas traveling the islands on a warm weather cruise or down south on Bourbon Street with Todd’s upbeat jazzy tune “Christmas in the Quarter.” With 4 original Trop Rock Christmas tunes and 6 Christmas classics with a Todd Sparks spin, have yourself a “Calypso Christmas” on a Christmas Cruise!
Amazon: Christmas Cruise
Kenny Chesney: All I Want for Christmas is a Real Good Tan
A real good tan would make a great Christmas present… either the CD or an actual trip to the islands! Kenney Chesney brought in a few Country super stars (Willie Nelson and Randy Owen, lead singer for the group Alabama), spotlights a few traditional songs, but the jewels are the original songs such as “The Angel at the Top of my Tree.” A Country CD with a a little Trop Rock, but it’ll still help you get into a tropical Christmas mood.
Amazon:All I Want for Christmas is a Real Good Tan

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