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Trop Rock Love Songs for Valentine’s Day



Set the tropical romantic mood this Valentine’s Day with Trop Rock music love songs.

Trop Rock music isn’t only about a day at the beach or sailing away. Trop Rock artists have written many sweet ballads to playful love songs. Maybe you’ll discover a new song you love too.

If you decide to purchase a song after clicking on our links below, the artist still gets their full payment and iTunes/Amazon gives us a few pennies for helping them advertise… and it doesn’t cost you anything extra. Thank you for helping support the artists and Trop Rockin’ Magazine!

Trop Rock Love Songs Playlist:

trop rock love songsHoward Livingston: “Meet Me in the Keys”
Let’s be together forever in the Florida Keys. Now that’s romantic.

Amazon: Meet Me in the Keys


trop rock songs

Don Middlebrook: “Bike Ride Around the Island”
Take a little trip around Key West with the one you love.

Amazon: Bike Ride Around the Island


trop rock songs

Donny Brewer: “Bumpin’ Flip Flops”
Sweet way to let your honey know you’d like to tangle under the sheets…

Amazon: Bumpin’ Flip Flops

trop rock songs

Hugo Duarte: “Cutie”
Sweet song for your Caribbean Cutie.

Amazon: Cutie


trop rock songs

Dennis Davis: “Tonight”
Full moon over the beach with “just you and me.”

Amazon: Tonight



Gene Mitchell: “Two Beach Chairs”
Soaking up the sun, a couple drinks and a little magic in two beach chairs.

Amazon: Two Beach Chairs


trop rock songs

Latitude: “Talk Nautical To Me”
A sexy song about talking Nauti-cal to your lover.

Amazon: Talk Nautical to Me


trop rock songs

Steve Hopper: “Loving Up a Storm”
Laying in paradise, loving to the storm outside. Sounds perfectly romantic.

Amazon: Loving Up a Storm


trop rock songs

Mark Mulligan: “Red Red Wine and a Lot of One Love”
Escape with the one you love.

Amazon: Red Red Wine and a Lot of One Love


trop rock playlist

Scott Kirby: “Little Blue Boat”
Something so romantic about sailing away.. just the two of you.

Amazon: Little Blue Boat


trop rock songs

Jimi Pappas: “I Want to Take You”
For the lovers that love to laugh, dance and sail away.

Amazon: I Want to Take You



Sunny Jim: “Kiss”
A kiss like this makes you hold on tight.

Amazon: Kiss


trop rock playlist

Jimmy Buffett: “Knees of My Heart”
Jimmy Buffett has a number of good love songs, here’s one of many.

Amazon: Knees of My Heart



Bill Cockrell: “Sun After Rain”
When the love of your life is as bright as the sun after the rain.

Amazon: Sun After Rail


trop rock playlist

Brent Burns: “Don’t Come Knockin’ if the Tiki Hut’s Rockin”
It’s a fun love song and good one to get up and dance.

Amazon: Don’t Come Knockin’ if the Tiki Hut’s Rockin


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Monday 8th of February 2016

Pirate Girl Jesse Rice

Big Dave

Thursday 11th of February 2016

Kenney Chesney-"Key Lime Pie"....he ain't talking dessert:)

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