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Listing of Trop Rock Solo Artists, Duos, Trios and Bands actively performing at Trop Rock music events and/or Parrot Head Events.

This is a fluid and ever changing list. Please contact us if you are an actively performing Trop Rock Artist and would like to be included in this list.

Solo Trop Rock Artists

Aaron Scherz
“Barefoot Man” George Nowack
“Beach Bum Pirate” Scott  Ramsey
Bill Cockrell
Bob Durand
Bob Karwin
Bob Schiele
Boomer Blake
Brent Burns
Brooke Graham
Brittany Kingery
“Capt Josh” Ramsteck
Carl Page
Charlie Imes
Chris Sacks
Christopher Dale
Coley McCabe
Cory Young
Dani Hoy
Danny Rosado
Danny Taddei
Darrell Clanton
Dayglo Red
Dave Calhoun
Dave McKenney
Dennis Davis
Don Middlebrook
Donald James
Donny Brewer
Eric Erdman
Eric Stone
Erica “Sunshine” Lee
Gary PhilipS
Gary Seiler
Gene Mitchell
Glen Mock
Greg Dillard
Heather Vidal
Hugo Duarte
Isabella Stefania
Jack Mosley
Jambo Joe Bones
Jeff & the Camaros
Jerry Diaz
Jerry Gontang
Jesse Rice
Jim Asbell
Jim Hoehn
Jimi Pappas
Jimmy Maraventano
John Beck
Joe Downing
John Friday
John Frinzi
John McDonald
Jonas Lorence
Keith Sykes
Kelly Brown
Kelly McGuire
“Key West Chris” Rehm
Lynley Tolls
Mark Mulligan
Mark Mireles
Matt Hoggatt
Mike Broward
Mike McEnery
Paul Roush
Pup Morse
Reggie Starrett
Rich “Schooner” McGuire
Rob Hill
Rob Mehl
Robin Tricker
Robbie Mead
Rudy Cox
Sam Rainwater
Scott Kirby
Steve Hopper
“Sunny Jim” White
Tall Paul
Thom Shepherd
Tiki Thom Starkey
Tim Campbell
Tim Charron
TJ Walsh
Todd Donnelly
Todd Trusty
Todd Sparks
Troy Allan
Ty Thurman

Duo / Trio Trop Rock Artists

B-Man & mi-Shell
Coconut Radio
Conch Fritters
Corned Beef and Curry
Dave Herzog’s Island Time
Dennis McCaughey & Tropical Soul
Drop Dead Dangerous
Gary & Kerrie
Girlz Rule
Highway 1 Band
The Bulawayos
The Detentions
The JPs
The Klee & Mike Show
The Shanty Hounds
Thom Shepherd & Coley McCabe

Trop Rock Bands

Bad Monkeys
Boat Drunks
Cabana Dogs
Donny Brewer & The Dock Rockers
Drop Dead Dangerous Loaded
Howard Livingston & Mile Marker 24 Band
Jerry Diaz & Hanna’s Reef
Jerry Gontang & Stars on the Water
Jim Asbell & The Tropiholics
(Jim Morris) The Big Bamboo Band
Jimmy & The Parrots
Jimmy Parrish & The Waves
Mike Nash & The Southern Drawl Band
Mr. Myers Band
Ramajay Intercoastal
Rick Lamb & The Phin Addicts
Trop Rock Junkies
Young Rebel Goombas
Save It