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Best Songs About Key West

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Is Key West one of your favorite places? These songs will take you there, if you’re not already there.

The Florida Keys are a favorite topic in the Trop Rock genre and this playlist of Trop Rock songs is specifically about Cayo Hueso/Bone Island/Conch Republic or most commonly known as Key West.


Best Songs About Key West (Playlist):

trop-rock-songs-key-west-howard-livingstonHoward Livingston: “Living on Key West Time”
Howard Livingston & Mile Marker 24 know all about Living on Key West Time with this perfect island sound.

Amazon: Living on Key West Time

trop-rock-songs-key-west-james-slaterJames Slater: “Key West Address”
Fun song capturing this eclectic island and unfortunately some of the characters and places are no longer, so enjoy a little nostalgia of a past Key West. Proclaimed the official song of Key West for 2008.

Amazon: Key West Address

trop-rock-songs-key-west-thom-shepherdThom Shepherd: “Always Saturday Night”
Thom is a Nashville singer/songwriting & very popular with Parrot Heads. A song about landing in Key West on Sunday, but it looked like a Saturday night!

Amazon: Always Saturday Night

trop-rock-songs-key-west-jesse-riceJesse Rice: “Key West Time”
Another Nashville based artist who loves to write songs about the tropical lifestyle. “Everyone’s getting on Key West Time” and drinking their rum and coke at Sloppy Joe’s.

Amazon: Key West Time

trop-rock-songs-key-west-hugo-duarteHugo Duarte: “Another Day in Paradise”
Hugo was a mainstay at the annual Parrot Head Convention, playing Hog’s Breath every night. This song is all about a laid back night in Key West town.

Amazon: Another Day in Paradise

trop-rock-songs-key-west-hugo-duarteHugo Duarte: “Key West Heart”
Hugo takes us to Louie’s, the Raw Bar, Hog’s Breath, Sailing by the Pier House “saving these moments for the rest of his life locked away in his Key West heart.”

Amazon: Key West Heart

trop-rock-songs-key-west-dani-hoyDani Hoy: “Drunk on Mallory Square”
There’s a bit of truth behind Dani’s song. A night out with a little too much to drink and finding her way to Mallory Square by following chickens to the Sunset Celebration. Got to love helpful chickens.

Amazon: Drunk on Mallory Square

trop-rock-songs-key-west-cdRob Mehl: “Cayo Hueso”
Love Rob’s laid back sound with a song about Cayo Hueso on the Gulf of Mexico and he’s even hanging out with Hugo Duarte at Hog’s Breath.

Amazon: Cayo Hueso

trop-rock-songs-key-west-john-frinziJohn Frinzi: “Where the Gulf Meets the Ocean”
Here John takes us on a “trip to the bottom of the bottle” in Key West at that magical place where the Gulf meets the Atlantic.

Amazon: Where the Gulf Meets the Ocean

trop-rock-songs-key-west-don-middlebrookDon Middlebrook: “Everyone Matters (One Human Family)”
Don is one of the best Trop Rock songwriters with his use of clever lyrics and this song is no exception. A song about the “One Human Family” community of Key West.

Amazon: Everyone Matters (One Human Family)

trop-rock-songs-key-west-michael-mclcoudMichael McCloud: Tourist Town Bar
Michael McCloud, is a grumpy, salty staple at Schooner Wharf Bar. Practically a historical marker. His signature song is sure to offend everyone who travels to Key West, so no one should be offended.

Amazon: Tourist Town Bar

trop-rock-songs-key-west-jimmy-buffettJimmy Buffett: “Tin Cup Chalice”
I’m sure you already have this song on your Key West playlist! It’s one of the first songs Buffet ever wrote about Key West and I think it’s still one of his best.

Amazon: Tin Cup Chalice

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  3. David Simpson says:

    Great start! Need more !

    • Tammy Camp says:

      Will do! Next month we’ll have another playlist focused on the Florid Keys. There are sooooo many good ones to spotlight!

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