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Top Trop Rock Songs About the Florida Keys

Trop Rock songs about the florida keys

Ahhh… The Florida Keys, the backdrop to many Trop Rock songs. These 13 songs have a great Florida Keys tropical vibe.

This list is a continuation from last month’s playlist about Key West (here’s the link if you missed it: Key West Playlist).

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Songs About the Florida Keys Playlist:

Trop-Rock-songs-about-the-florida-keys-john-fridayJohn Friday: “Beer Pressure”
Lets pub crawl down the Florida Keys and “Hit every bar on US 1 ’till we land on Cayo Hueso”
iTunes: Beer Pressure
Amazon: Beer Pressure

Trop-Rock-songs-about-the-florida-keys-steve-tolliverSteve Tolliver: “Top Down Kind of a Day”
Take a drive down the Florida Keys stopping at landmarks on the way to Key West.
iTunes: Top Down Kind of a Day
Amazon: Top Down Kind of a Day

Trop-Rock-songs-about-the-florida-keys-jim-morrisJim Morris: “Laid Back and Key Wasted”
Escaping the rat race to the Florida Keys and it’s the “Sweetest life he’s ever tasted.”
iTunes: Laid Back and Key Wasted
Amazon: Laid Back and Key Wasted

Trop-Rock-songs-about-the-florida-keys-howard-livingstonHoward Livingston & MM24: “Magic in Key West”
Sure, it must have been amazing when Jimmy Buffett & Jerry Jeff were on the island, but as Howard says “There’s still a lot of magic in Key West” today.
iTunes: Magic in Key West
Amazon: Magic in Key West

Trop-Rock-songs-about-the-florida-keys-howard-livingstonHoward Livingston & MM 24: “Local on the Eights”
Planning your days around the ocean tides. With a forecast for Key West of 84º and sunny (of course).
iTunes: Local on the Eights
Amazon: Local On the Eights

Trop-Rock-songs-about-the-florida-keys-tiki-thom-starkeyTiki Thom Starkey: “Key West Attitude”
If you live in the colder regions, this song is for you! “In my mind it’s island time, I got to leave this frozen mess.”
iTunes: Key West Attitude
Amazon: Key West Attitude

trop-rock-songs-key-west-rob-mehlRob Mehl: “Just Give Me the Keys”
Rob croons “I’m begging you please, just give me the Keys.”  Yep, that’s exactly what I’m wishing for too.
iTunes: Just Give Me the Keys
Amazon: Just Give Me the Keys

don-middlebrook-traveling-music-cdDon Middlebrook: “Hurricane Michelle”
Were you in Key West when Hurricane Michelle came through? What an adventure! This is what it’s like to evacuate the Florida Keys.
iTunes: Hurricane Michelle
Amazon: N/A

trop-rock-songs-key-west-jimmy-parrishJimmy Parrish: “Island Time”
Take a sail through the Florida Keys down to Key West.
iTunes: Island Time
Amazon: N/A

Trop-Rock-songs-about-the-florida-keys-john-bartusJohn Bartus: “The Islands of Marathon”
“It’s the tropical life in the Florida Keys” about the living in Marathon, the “heart of the Florida Keys”
iTunes: The Islands of Marathon
Amazon: The Islands of Marathon

Trop-Rock-songs-about-the-florida-keys-rick-steffenRick Steffen: “Down at Sloppy Joe’s”
Life happens around Sloppy Joe’s from Hemingway days to today.
iTunes: Down at Sloppy Joe’s
Amazon: Down At Sloppy Joes

Trop-Rock-songs-about-the-florida-keys-latitudeLatitude: “Weak in the Keys”
Great play on the words! “It’s 9am, I’m late for my plane and I feel a little weak in the keys” and “It’s been a week in the keys, a week of taking it slow.”
iTunes: Weak in the Keys
Amazon: Weak in the Keys

Trop-Rock-songs-about-the-florida-keys-latitudeLatitude: “Latitude Adjustment”
Don’t think it can be said any better than “At the Zero Mile Marker sign, I’m going to find my piece of mind.”
iTunes: Latitude Adjustment
Amazon: Latitude Adjustment

bertie-higgins-key-largoBertie Higgins: “Key Largo”
THE ultimate Trop Rock song about Key Largo.
iTunes: Key Largo
Amazon: Key Largo

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