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Ultimate Guide to Meeting of the Minds / Trop Rock Music Week

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Guide to Meeting of the Minds

We know it can be overwhelming with so much going on. In the sections below, we’re sharing our tips, recommendations and information to help you plan the best trip!

— Trop Rock Music & Events —

With over 100 Trop Rock music events, gigs and parties happening in just 7 days, we’ve put together the complete schedule for you.

We look forward to seeing you!

  1. The Annual MOTM & Trop Rock Music Week Schedule: COMPREHENSIVE SCHEDULE – Can’t live with out it.
  2. Tuesday, Oct. 29th: Trop Rockin’ Magazine’s Annual “Tuesday on the Island” Party – You are invited! Entertainment by Danny Rosado, Boomer Blake & Jonas Lorence (Category 3) and Cory Young & Ty Thurman (The Bulawayos) at the Sunset Pier. Great way to start off your vacation in Key West! The best sunset views, fantastic music, drink specials, food and that beautiful Key West water.
  3. Wednesday, Oct. 30th: Trop Rockin’ Magazine’s People’s Choice Awards – For the community, by the community. A fun way to recognize the people and artists in the Trop Rock genre for all they do. You’ve voted (and even if you didn’t), now see who won! Our lineup is too good to be true! Check it out and add yourself to the invite linked above. See you at Dante’s at 7p for meet & greet and 8p for the show!
  4. Thursday, Oct. 31st: The “Play Me Something Warm” Sunset Sail – Don Middlebrook and Reggie Starrett team up to dazzle us on the water. Unlimited beer, champagne, wine and margaritas. SOLD OUT.
  5. Thursday, Oct. 31st:  JUST ANNOUNCED! The “Jump Start” Happy Hour Sail! Don Middlebrook & Erica Sunshine Lee will Trop Rock happy hour on the water! Sail around Key West from 2pm – 4pm. Includes all you can drink wine, beer, champagne and margaritas. 

Don Middlebrook Erica Sunshine Lee Key West Sail

— MOTM / Trop Rock Music Week Festival Tips —


— Florida Keys —


— Key West —


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