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The Unofficial Jimmy Buffett Museum of Port Aransas, Texas

“Unofficial Museum?” What does that mean (and does Jimmy know)?

Let’s go back to the year 2000 and head south to the little fishing/beach town of Port Aransas, Texas. A young couple were owners of a one bedroom condo on the beach and wanted something bigger and more permanent. They purchased a lot and found a cottage house plan to build and personalize to suit their tastes.

This couple started attending Jimmy Buffett concerts in the mid-1990s and liked the idea of decorating their beach house in a decidedly Parrot Head fashion, nicknaming it “The Unofficial Jimmy Buffett Museum.” Have you guessed yet that I was part of this creative couple?

Today this 1450 square foot cottage is a 1/4 mile from the beach and includes a separate garage with rooftop deck, a hot tub and a large tiki bar built right off the back of the house.

The back exterior walls are covered in favorite Jimmy Buffett lyrics from Parrot Heads from across the country and also signatures from various Trop Rock musicians.

The kitchen backsplash includes three dimensional cheeseburgers and the walls are full of specialty paintings, including palm trees and sunsets.

There are three bedrooms and two full baths, a large open living room and an AV closet, but what is most special about the “Museum” is that most of the Buffett decor is staying!

Much of the furniture is upholstered with fabric bought in Hawaii and the front porch beckons with Gulf coastal breezes blowing through the 24 palm trees on the lot.

Sound like a perfect beach escape for you? This iconic beach house will be up for sale very, very soon. Is your interest piqued? Feel free to email me at [email protected] and I’ll let you know the particulars. This can be your chance to own your very own Jimmy Buffett shrine!


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