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10 Songs From Women in Trop Rock Music (Playlist)

Women in Trop Rock Music

In honor of Women’s History Month, we want to showcase some of Trop Rock’s most notable women.

Female artists in the genre are certainly a minority, but there’s no doubt these women are strong, determined and exceptionally talented. We are grateful these women are strengthening the Trop Rock music scene.

Enjoy our song picks from trailblazing women in the Trop Rock genre:

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Latitude CDLatitude:Island Girl
A strong female song with unapologetic lyrics of living life as an island girl.
Amazon: Island Girl


Sailing SongsBrittany Kingery: Little Miss Sunshine
An upbeat song celebrating the happy personality of a woman who is dancing on the beach.
Amazon:Little Miss Sunshine


Parrot Head SongsColey McCabe: “I Am a Woman
A poignant song celebrating the beauty and complexities of being a woman.
Amazon: I Am a Woman


Girlz Rule CDGirlz Rule: “All You Need
Heather Vidal, Lynley Tolls & Kristie Bobal (each in different Trop Rock groups) come together as Girlz Rule with their own sound.
Amazon: All You Need


Steel Margarita CD Steel Margarita: Kokomo
Steel Margarita re-imagines favorite songs into steel pan tropical escapes.
Amazon: Kokomo


Erica Sunshine Lee CDErica Sunshine Lee: I’m a Pirate
A sassy female song with a pirate theme and plenty of fun innuendos that will have you up and dancing.
Amazon: I’m a Pirate


Drop Dead Dangerous:Take Myself Home Tonight
Country duo who also perform with many Trop Rock bands. This is a great song about not settling.
Amazon: Take Myslef Home Tonight


Rum SongsDani Hoy: Better Late Than Never
Love this really encouraging song about following your dreams even when it’s later in life.
Amazon: Better Late Than Never


Isabella Stefania CDIsabella Stefania: Work Now, Beach Later
Work now so you can take that beach vacation or as Isabella puts it “my favorite time waster.”
Amazon: Work Now, Beach Later


Robin Tricker CDRobin Tricker:Need More Bob
A great reminder to slow down a little and enjoy life. We could all use a little more Bob (Marley).
Amazon: Need More Bob

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