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A Favorite Cabo San Lucas Restaurant: Misiones de Kino


Outside Courtyard Dining Area, photo courtesy Misiones de Kino.

I’ve had the privilege to visit Cabo San Lucas once a year for over ten years now. The first year I visited, we came upon this quaint little restaurant that had terrific food and wonderful ambiance. I’ve continued to visit this great Cabo San Lucas restaurant and was so relieved that Misiones de Kino survived Hurricane Odile last September. Let me elaborate on this little Cabo gem…

Misiones de Kino was started back in the late 1990s by an entrepreneur named Israel Vazquez Sanchez, who grew up near Veracruz. The property is historic as far as Cabo goes, with the main house being made from local brick that has long since been unavailable. The property was in near ruins when Israel decided to build a restaurant on a then quiet corner of Cabo. Much of the establishment is covered by a large palapa, which was rebuilt from the original overheard covering. The restaurant is named after Padre Eusebio Francisco Kino, a missionary in the Baja region who started 34 missions in the late 1600s and into the 1700s. The restaurant’s logo features a bell… Israel told me it represents the church, as the bell called the faithful to services.


Most of the dining area is open air and features a combination of Mexican and Italian food. I’ve never had anything but a delicious meal here and Israel features a special sauce he created for many of his seafood dishes. My favorite experiences? Carlos Cuevas is my favorite Mexican crooner and I mentioned that in conversation at the table years ago. In a matter of minutes, my favorite Carlos CD was playing on their sound system. And one of my favorite waiters used to work at my time share property. Renato Dressler recognizes me every year when I visit! Then a couple of years ago, we had gone fishing and landed some great Mahi Mahi (Dorado). We took some of the catch to Misiones de Kino and they cooked it up five ways – yum!


Fantastic Fully Stocked Bar

Most of all, I love sitting at the tiny bar, visiting with Israel about surfing locales. Yes, the owner, Israel, is an avid surfer of the waves of Los Cabos. His warm smile and easy going manner is exemplary of a gracious host. Misiones de Kino is currently rated #4 on TripAdvisor in the restaurant category and my mouth is watering even now as I think about the fabulous seafood, Mexican and Italian specialties available. If you visit Cabo San Lucas, don’t miss this special spot!


Israel, Owner of Misiones de Kino

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