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Editorial Policy

Editorial Mission

Trop Rockin’s mission is to help you discover new recipes using easy cooking techniques and fun cocktails for your celebrations.

Whether you’re looking for your next cocktail or a new recipe, we aim to provide transparent and reliable information for our readers. 

All recipes are kitchen tested and reviewed by an editor before publishing. 


Trop Rockin makes every effort for recipes to be accurate upon publication. Recipes and articles may be corrected, updated or removed from time to time.

Our content is subject to change regularly to reflect any new knowledge or information.

Feedback from our readers is welcome and appreciated. We will immediately review and update any recipe which is found to be misleading or flawed.


We value transparency in our content creation process.

We do not promote anything we don’t believe in – if you see a recommendation on our site, it’s our true, unbiased opinions

If an article features affiliate links or sponsored content, we will clearly disclose this information to our readers.

Our priority is to maintain trust and integrity within our community.

Attribution & Sources

If there is content on our site that comes from another outside source, we will always attribute that information to the original publisher or source it comes from.

Nutrition Disclaimer

Nutrition information for each recipe is calculated using a third-party software program. Data is supplied as a guideline only. Users with strict dietary restrictions are encouraged to consult their preferred nutritional database.

Alcohol Safety and Responsibility

At Trop Rockin, we are committed to fostering a responsible drinking culture. Alcohol should always be consumed responsibly and in moderation.

If you or a loved one have a problem with alcohol, consider visiting the following resources: