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Story Behind the Song: Coley McCabe, “Meeting of the Minds”

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Singer/Songwriter Coley McCabe is apart of Country Trop Rock Duo Thom (Thom Shepherd) & Coley. With 4 major publishing/songwriting deals in Nashville, a previous record deal on RCA Records and with a top 40 national single as an artist on the Billboard charts, co-writer on the Top 5 single “Lucky 4 U Tonight (I’m Just Me)” for the band SheDaisy, she’s performed 6 times at the Grand Ole Opry, and recorded with Vince Gill, Kenny Chesney, and Nadirah Shakoor.

This Nashville Country Artist, Coley McCabe, has crossed into the tropical parrot head side of life. Coley just felt at home with these feathered friends and going to Key West during the yearly Meeting of the Minds parrot head convention inspired her to write this song titled “Meeting of the Minds.” What an honor to have Coley McCabe writing songs as she joins the island vacation life and writing about it with a few thousand feathered friends in mind. Here’s Coley’s story behind her song:

Coley McCabe

“My very first Parrot Head gig was at Saltwater Willie’s in Grapevine, TX. It was just one of those magical musical nights. We cried, we laughed, cried and laughed. We ended up doing 2 encores. We got in the car and headed home to Austin after the show. It was my turn to drive, so Thom went to sleep in the passenger seat. I couldn’t stop thinking about the gig and how amazing it was, and how sweet and kind to me everyone was in the Lonestar Parrot Head Club. I kept thinking about how precious and phun the the vibe was, and so the song that ended up being called “The MOTM Song” began to come to me. I had a few verse lines, a chorus and a rough melody. I sang it into the voice recorder on my phone, softly, in an effort to not wake TS, and like usual when we got home got right into knocking things off the never ending TO DO List. So the song and idea sat around for a few months…then…

I went to MOTM for the first time. When I returned home the song pretty much finished itself. I wanted it to capture the experience I had at MOTM. And how the charitable passion, and camaraderie we all share for the love of island music and lifestyle is celebrated on such a grand scale at that awesome event each year. The song is a tribute from me to my fellow songwriters and performers, the staff, and all Parrot Heads, including those we miss who left us too soon.”
— Coley McCabe

You’ve got to hear this song! Here’s a snippet of “Meeting of the Minds”:

A must have for Parrot Heads!
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  • Millie Marie Taylor

    I live close to A1A and love this stretch of road that leads me to so many adventures! I'm perfectly situated between my two wonderful children. I love to visit my daughter in the FL panhandle and my son in Key West. I'm a Parrot Head and I love Trop Rock music!

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