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16 Easy Slow Cooker Dump & Go Dinners

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Crock pot dump dinners are the ultimate weeknight lifesavers. They’re quick and easy to prepare, and they cook all day while you’re at work or running errands. So when you come home, dinner is ready with minimal effort required.

This collection of crock pot dump dinners has something for everyone, from classic comfort food like pulled pork and beef stew, to the best creamy pork chops ever. There is something for everyone in this collection.

All of these recipes are simple to follow, and they only require a handful of ingredients. Just dump everything in your crock pot and let it do its magic. When it’s time to eat, you’ll have a delicious and hearty meal that’s sure to please the whole family.

So next time you’re looking for a quick and easy weeknight meal, reach for one of these crock pot dump dinners. You won’t regret it!

Creamy Ranch Pork Chops

A plate of the creamiest ranch pork chops.
Photo Credit: The Feathered Nester.

This easy pork chop recipe uses ranch seasoning and evaporated milk to make a set it and forget it meal that is perfect for dinner any night of the week.

Get the recipe: Creamy Ranch Pork Chops.

Slow Cooker Swiss Steak

A plate of swiss steak over rice.
Photo Credit: Food Meanderings.

This slow cooker swiss steak is so easy to make, but tastes so good for dinner. You will love walking in the door to this fragrant dish. Serve with rice, or potatoes for a stick to your ribs crockpot dump dinner.

Get the recipe: Slow Cooker Swiss Steak.

Chicken Curry

A bowl of rice with chickpea chicken curry over top.
Photo Credit: Homan at Home.

If you like curry when you stop for take out, you will want to make this ultra easy and so aromatic chicken curry. It cooks in the crockpot for a healthy and yummy dinner that everyone will want a scoop of this saucy chicken dish over rice.

Get the recipe: Chicken Curry.

Balsamic Beef

A plate of mashed potatoes with balsamic beef over top.
Photo Credit: I Heart Eating.

Turn chuck roast into the most tender and tasty dish, with the help of the slow cooker. This recipe is perfect for a winter meal. Serve it over creamy mashed potatoes with a simple veggie for a fuss free meal.

Get the recipe: Balsamic Beef.

Dill Pickle Pot Roast 

A plate of pot roast with dill pickles on the side.
Photo Credit: Simply Stacie.

Have you ever had pickle pot roast? This crockpot meal is so easy and has such a bold flavor. Your family will love this hearty dish on a weeknight, but it is  so good you can serve it on a weekend, or on a night when you have guests.

Get the recipe: Dill Pickle Pot Roast.

Chicken and Gravy

A plate of chicken and gravy with veggies on the side.
Photo Credit: Slow Cooker Meals.

You only need 5 ingredients to make this comfort food classic in the crock pot. Serve chicken and gravy with potatoes, a green veggie and biscuits for a cozy family meal option.

Get the recipe: Chicken and gravy.

Chicken Stew

A bowl of chicken stew.
Photo Credit: Cook at Home Mom.

This chicken stew is so easy, you can literally dump in the ingredients, set it and forget it with the help of your crockpot. Your family will love the filling flavors, and you will love the use of simple, wholesome ingredients.

Get the recipe: Chicken Stew.

Chuck Roast and Veggies

A plate of roast with carrots and potatoes surrounding.
Photo Credit: The Feathered Nester.

What could be better than a hearty roast with tender veggies on a cold night? This recipe is so easy you can dump it in the crockpot and come home to a classic comfort food meal.

Get the recipe: Chuck Roast and Veggies.

Chicken Cheese Steak 

Chicken philly sandwich on a plate.
Photo Credit: The Suburban Soapbox.

Slow cooker chicken Philly sammy’s are a must make for fuss free food on a busy night. Pop the ingredients in the crockpot and have dinner ready for your family in a few hours, with practically no effort.

Get the recipe: Chicken Cheese Steaks.

Crockpot Beef Stew

Beef stew with saucy gravy and veggies.
Photo Credit: Them Bites.

Who knew it could be so easy to make beef stew from scratch? This slow cooker recipe delivers stick to your ribs comfort in each bite. You will agree it is so much better than the canned option and every bit as easy. 

Get the recipe: Beef Stew.

Salsa Chicken

Tacos filled with salsa chicken.
Photo Credit: The Blonde Cook.

This salsa chicken is great no matter how you serve it. Make tacos with it, pile it on nachos, or even make a sandwich with it if you like.

Get the recipe: Salsa Chicken.

Mississippi Pot Roast

Mississippi pot roast over potatoes.
Photo Credit: The Magical Slow Cooker.

Your family is going to love this buttery, tangy pot roast. It is so easy to make, and is so hearty. You will want to have this as a regular part of your meal plan rotation. 

Get the recipe: Mississippi Pot Roast.

Vegan Taco Soup

Bowls of taco soup with beans and corn with sour cream over the top.
Photo Credit: Home Cooked Roots.

This taco soup is a great dump dinner option. Make it a meatless meal with this filling and delicious soup that is loaded with corn and beans for cold weather comfort food.

Get the recipe: Vegan Taco Soup.

Pulled Pork

Pulled pork sandwiches on a plate.
Photo Credit: Knife and Paddle.

Who could resist a saucy pulled pork sandwich for dinner? This recipe is so easy, and will have the house smelling amazing when you get home after work.

Get the recipe: Pulled Pork.

Slow Cooker Broccoli Beef

 A slow cooker broccoli beef bowl.
Photo Credit: Chef Savvy.

Skip the stop for take out and make this slow cooker beef before you head out. It is so easy and has the best flavor! Serve over rice for an easy take out fake out.

Get the recipe: Slow Cooker Broccoli Beef.

Ground Beef Spaghetti Sauce

A plate of wide noodles with spaghetti sauce over top.
Photo Credit: Foodess.

Let this homemade pasta sauce simmer low and slow in the crockpot for a great dinner when you get home. Would you serve it over spaghetti noodles or rotini?

Get the recipe: Ground Beef Spaghetti Sauce.

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