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Our Top 15 MOTM / Trop Rock Music Week Recommended Events

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MOTM Recommendations

The Trop Rockin’ Gals have been to 30 Meeting of the Minds Parrot Head Conventions. There are over 150 gigs and events happening during the week of MOTM / Trop Rock Music Week. We wish we could see them all (and we try to see as much as we can!). Every year each of us have our favorite event we try to never miss. Here they are (in no particular order):

Cindy Muir brings you tropical travel and a ton of Trop Rock musician interview articles since Trop Rockin’ Magazine began in 2012! Here are Cindy’s top 5 must see events:

  1. Kelly McGuire’s Lighthouse Court Songwriter Showcase: Don’t know that much about all the many Trop Rock artists out there? Visit Kelly McGuire’s five day rotating concert at The Lighthouse Court on White Street. Kelly provides the musical backdrop, but a bevy of musicians come in and out…. they sing 2-3 songs with great impromptu accompaniment. A great way to listen for super new music. Wednesday-Saturday 2p-5p and Sunday 12:00p-3:00p.
  2. The ZONTA 5K: We acknowledge that not many Parrot Heads are willing to get up and walk or run a race on Saturday morning. The Zonta 5K is for a great cause (helping fund underprivileged women’s health care in the Keys), it doesn’t start til 8 am and Jerry Diaz is serenading the finishers at the end! Saturday at 8am.
  3. Musical Sunset Cruise – This is a great way to hear more Trop Rock up close and personal plus the fun of sailing on a catamaran. The perfect way to see all the gorgeous Key West views and famous sunset too! Why not jump on the boat with Jack Mosley? Check out this fun cruise with unlimited beer, wine & champagne. Hurry and reserve your spot on the boat!
  4. Fools on Stools: Bob Karwin hosts Thom Shepherd, Jerry Diaz  and Donny Brewer for an amazing night of hilarious songs, stories, and zingers. You won’t forget this night! Get your tickets for the night you won’t forget right here: Fools on Stools
  5. Trop Rock Music Association Awards: The Trop Rock Music Association hosts it’s annual awards show at the Casa Marina on Friday from 7p-9p. The event always includes countless performances and it’s exciting to celebrate the artist recognition.

Millie Marie Taylor is the co-host at the popular radio show Shore-to-Shore News on The Shore Radio as well as a longtime contributor to Trop Rockin’ Magazine. Here are Millie’s must see events during the week:

  1. Conch Fritters at Willie T’s: A must see for their enthusiastic costume changes and crowd pleasing tropical sounds. Wed-Sun Noon-4p at Willie T’s.
  2. Mike Miller / Boat Drunks Acoustic at Capt. Tony’s: Catch the acoustic shows with Mike Miller and friends at this legendary bar. Great music and amazing history on the walls. Wed. – Fri. Noon – 4pm.
  3. Margaritaville Street Fest: The locals and parrot heads come out for an afternoon of Trop Rock. Rockin’ the stage this year is: Steve Hopper & the Wolf Island Band, Phin Addicts & Johnny Russler & the Beach Bums. You can dance in the street and have your cheeseburger in paradise right there front the Margaritville stand. No reservations required. Friday 1p-6:30p, corner of Duval and Fleming Streets.
  4. Tropical Soul at Hog’s Breath: A favorite open air bar and the up beat Trop Rock music of Dennis McCaughey and Tropical Soul. Sit back and relax, you’ll feel like your really on the island. Mon. – Sun. 5:30p-9:30p.
  5. Goin’ CRAZY on Caroline Street Party hosted by the Tampa Bay PHC atDantes: Great music by Don Middlebrook, fun games and you can jump in the pool to cool off! Thurs. 11a – 3pm.

Tammy Camp is on her 17th annual MOTM, owner of Trop Rockin’ Magazine, writing articles every week for Trop Rock Music Fans. Here are Tammy’s must see events during MOTM / Trop Rock Music week:

  1. “Tuesday on the Island” Party: Of course we never miss the Trop Rockin’ Magazine party! Live music by The CalypsoNuts, Sunny Jim & Brent Burns plus free Trop Rockin’ Magazine swag and the chance to hang out with all our Parrot Head friends! Tuesday 3:30p-7:30p @ the Conch Republic Seafood Company.
  2. Brent Burns at Island Dogs: Brent is the best story teller and his songs will make you laugh or long for the beach. Catch him Tues. – Thurs 1p – 4p.
  3. Songwriters Island Radio Songwriters Showcase: Always an amazing line-up and this year it’s even bigger and better. Showcasing some of the best of the best such as Kelly McGuire, Don Middlebrook, Jack Mosley and Mike Nash. 8p – 12:30p Friday at Willie T’s.
  4. Sarasota Bay PHC Hair of the Dog Party: Nothing better than a Bloody Mary accompanied by fabulous Trop Rock music to get you going in the morning. Great line-up with Dave Burks, Donny Brewer, Sheree Cade, The Detentions and more! Saturday 10a – 1p at Island Dogs.
  5. Ramajay Intercoastal & Friends at the Green Parrot: This will be standing room only unless you get there super early, but the most fun is had with everyone dancing in front of the stage. They’ve got a new album and it’s pure island fun. Thurs. 10p – Midnight.

Click here to view all the details of these events and so many more on the ENTIRE Trop Rock Music Schedule for Oct. 31st – Nov. 6th.


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