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How The Detentions Got Their Song on Radio Margaritaville



Text © Cindy Muir. Photo © The Detentions.


How Do You Get Your Song on Radio Margaritaville?

I admit that I listen to Radio Margaritaville… a lot! Recently, I heard a song that I pointed out to my husband. The lyrics sure sounded like they were written about my beloved Port Aransas, Texas. I heard the name of the band and looked them up; sure enough, they were from Texas and I had a feeling that The Detentions song “Coast” was about my favorite beach town, indeed.

Lucky for me, one of the members of The Detentions, Dan Sullivan, was playing a solo gig in Port Aransas recently and I was able to enjoy his show. During his break, he sat down with me and answered my question, “how do you get your song on Radio Margaritaville?” Here is what he told me…

Dan’s brother-in-law, David Williams, is the host / main promoter for the annual Wounded Warrior Benefit in the Greater Detroit, Michigan area. Dan and his music partner, Chris Hillier, have been able to open for the Wounded Warrior event headliner, Mac McAnally, for the last three years. Wow!

Enter a fellow named Ted Hughes: he is a major Parrot Head and a big contributor to the Wounded Warrior benefit. He has become a big fan of The Detentions and sent their music to Sheila Chimento at Margaritaville New Orleans. Sheila was nice enough to pass them over to Kirsten Winquist, Radio Margaritaville DJ and she put them into the daily music rotation. Sheila also gave Jerry Diaz the heads up about this great group and they played Pirates and Poets at T-Bone Tom’s in December.

Fun fact – both Dan and Chris teach middle school. Is that where the name “Detentions” came from? Anyone out there have to serve detention back in school? I can only imagine how cool their students must think they are. Listen for “Coast” and “Sunburn” on Radio Margaritaville and see if you don’t think they’re terrific!

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Tom Wheatley

Wednesday 11th of February 2015

My wife and I became big fans after hearing them on Margaritaville, we bought both their CDs and they are both terrific. We've even considered going to Texas to see them, and if you knew how we feel about Texas you find that fact impressive.


Saturday 10th of January 2015

we love The Detentions! Dan and Chris are both the nicest guys you could ever want to meet and talented as well. Give them a listen, if you haven't already!

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