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10 Reasons We Love Don Middlbrook’s New Album


Don Middlebrook’s newest CD, Songs from Talespin Bay, is loaded with brand new tunes, remastered original favorites and a variety of talent wrapped up in one package. Here are 10 reasons we love Don’s latest album:

1.  Twenty-One Songs
It’s two albums in one. The remastered and better than ever songs from Don’s previous Talespin album plus 9 brand new songs taking us on the adventure for only $10. You can’t beat that deal.

2.  Creative Lyrics and Song Twists
Not unusual for Don, his lyrics are often surprising and his stories corkscrew down unanticipated paths. Take his new song “Hemingway Girl” written while sitting on the same bar stool where Hemingway used to drink. Are you thinking Key West? Not this story. Don seeks to step into a day-in-the-life of Hemingway in a northern Michigan small town singing “I want to sit at the bar Ernest first cast his thoughts. Tell you about a fish I never caught. Lets put our lives together like a string of pearls. Let’s take a trip my Hemingway Girl.”

3. Horns!
What is it about adding horns that skyrockets a song?  Bob Seger’s horn band, The Motor City Horns, opens “Talespin” with a blast and Joe Cocker’s sax player, Paul O, kicks it up a notch on “Born to Ride.”

4. Featured Female Singers
To compliment Don and his original style, he brought in several talented female singers to harmonize on the album. In particular, Rachel Curtis and Don sound perfect on our new favorite Don Middlebrook song, “Bluer Skies Down the Road”

5. Beach Adventures
A Trop Rock album isn’t complete without a few tropical escapades. You’re either a tourist or a local in “Our Beach Town” so everyone can relate, plus we love the groove in this song! “You like our oceans, you like our shores, let’s face it, you’re like kids in a candy store.” Sums up how we feel about heading to the beach.

6. Sailing Away
We can take to the sea in two of Don’s songs. “Sail On” traverses life from childhood to the elder years. The lyrics are poignant yet beautiful with a visual of the ultimate sail off into the sunset. “Now I’m much older, not so full of life. I have the same dream every night. When God tells me I must go, he shows up in a sailboat and picks up my soul.”  For those of us who have sailed away at one time or another, or hope to, “Flying Solo Again” captures the desire to leave troubles behind and sail away in search of a new adventure. Added bonus, the harmonica really brings this song to life.

7. Sunny Jim and Steel Pans
Trop Rock Singer/Songwriter James “Sunny Jim” White may live stateside now, but for almost a decade he was making his living playing pans and singing in the Cayman Islands. Don captured the upbeat island spirit in his song “The Legend of Sunny Jim” and includes Sunny Jim’s accomplished pan playing through out the song. This tune will give you the itch to live in the Caribbean.

8. Cover Art
Once again the world’s most famous sea life artist, Wyland, provides the cover art for Don’s album. Happy to add another Wyland to our collection!

9.  Trop Rock Love Songs
Don captures all different sides of love in this album along with tropical backdrops woven into the story. There’s the heart pounding feeling of falling in love in “Tailspin” where “she’s like a hurricane” and he’s the “man overboard.” There’s the heart wrenching breakup song “No Regrets.” Love can be found in this it’s–not–you–it’s–me song in the lyrics “I hope I left you better than I found you.” And in “Well Wasted Time” Don grabs you with sincerity in his voice reminding us it’s the little moments that are often the most profound.

10. Fun
Don never fails to add fun to his songwriting and music. In “Light Up the Night” you’ll be ready to hit the dance floor “and get your Tiki Mon on.” The sound makes you feel alive and ready to “dive into this tribal vibe.” Oh yes, this song will brighten your life.

That’s it! Just 10 (of the many) reasons we love Don Middlebrook’s newest album. If you want your own copy, grab it here: Songs from Talespin Bay.

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Friday 10th of April 2015

What a great article, did love also getting to hear Don sing. Looks like this is going to be a great hit for him!

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