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Jimmy Buffett Tailgating Guide: Top Ten “Must-Haves”

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There is tailgating and then there’s Jimmy Buffett Tailgating.

It’s not a typical tailgate when a sea of colorful shirts, leis, man-made beaches and tiki bars cover vast acres of asphalt. We asked you, our Parrot Head phriends, to vote for the top ten “must-haves” for a Jimmy Buffett tailgating party and here’s how you responded.

Top Ten Tailgating Items – Can’t Live Without ‘Em
No big surprise, Alcoholic Beverages topped the chart with the most votes, but we’re smart drinkers too because Water made the top ten. Food and snacks came in next and to support our drinking/eating habits, a cooler full of ice is right up there on top.

Comfort and style topped the list too. We’ll be strutting around the parking lot showing off our favorite Parrot Head attire and everyone’s bringing their chairs and tents (this one is our favorite!) for rest breaks.

Thankfully, most of you are also bringing a camera to the tailgate party, coming in at #6 on the list. Because what happens at a Jimmy Buffett tailgate will immediately be posted on Facebook.

Jimmy Buffett Tailgating Guide: Here are the Top Ten Must-Haves

1. Alcoholic Beverages
2. Food & Snacks
3. Cooler of Ice
4. Chairs
5. Parrot Head Attire
6. Camera
7. Tent
8. Grill & Grilling Accessories
9. Pirate & Parrot Decor
10. Water

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What didn’t make the top 10?
Apparently, all of you are depending on me to bring the Jumper Cables. I never tailgate without them and they’ve been called into action quite often. Look for me after the concert…

Blenders must be too much trouble at a tailgate, as they were on the bottom of the list along with bringing your own Toilet Paper (more on that in a moment).

Other seemingly popular items which didn’t make the top ten are Games, Bottle Openers and Jello Shots. That’s ok because you know someone will bring them and you can have all the fun without lugging all the stuff.

The Write-In Votes
We’ve got some crazy friends and we love it! Many of you added your special Jimmy Buffett tailgating must-haves to our poll, providing much entertainment for us here at Trop Rockin’ Magazine over the last week.

Most Popular:  Makeshift Potty. Parrot Heads have learned there comes a time at every tailgate when you just can’t fathom going into the port-a-potty. Several different versions were listed. From your bucket with a shower curtain to commercial little pottys and a privacy tent. I’m assuming in this scenario, you’re bringing the toilet paper.

Second Most Popular: Shot Luge. Now, you’re not willing to bring a blender, but a few blocks of ice weighing anywhere from 30lbs to 150lbs, tons of liquor and table setup are good with you. You guys are awesome! Maybe try bringing the tiny version shot luge for fun before committing to the big ones!

Third Most Popular: Pool. Many of us are going to be chillin’ in the kiddie pool in the parking lot! I love this idea, but have only seen it a few times. So, tell me… how are you lugging all that water to the tailgate?

Real or Fake?: Thanks to a number of you who pointed out if it should be real or fake. The clarifications had us rolling on the floor. Palm Trees? Real and fake made the list. Parrot? Real parrots are preferred, but a fake parrot is acceptable at a Jimmy Buffett tailgate. Bringing your Shark? Thank you for clarifying it should be fake.

Legal?: One self proclaimed “very cool” Canadian will be smuggling Back Bacon across the border for the tailgate. Probably making a lot of Parrot Heads happy if Jimmy heads to Detroit. Herbs also made the list and I’m guessing we’re not talking about oregano.

Difficult: So glad to see many of you listed Designated Driver. We had one vote for “Designated driver and backup designated driver in case DD 1 is unavailable.” Of course there’s a designated driver! But who’s been able to convince someone to be the backup designated driver…  just in case?

A Little Strange: Blowup Anything. Blow up palm trees, blow up sharks and beach balls (these Pirate beach balls are awesome) are all pretty cool to see floating around the tailgate. Whoever added Blowup Doll to our list, I hope we’re in different areas of the parking lot.

Remember, Parrot Heads are the most friendly group you’ll ever run into at a tailgate. Don’t stress if you’ve forgotten something, just ask around. A fellow Parrot Head probably has it.

Just sit back and dangle your toes in the kiddie pool.


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Share With Your Friends!

  1. The Real Maryland Fred says:

    You don’t need to bring friends. I have met plenty of new friends at Buffet concerts!

  2. Janet says:

    We bring a pool every year with a 100 pounds of ice. No need to bring the water. The ice melts in no time in the summer heat! Nice and chilly on the feet!

  3. Paul Hangsleben says:

    you forgot to bring your friends!

  4. Susan says:

    Well now this was a fun post. Now if I could just locate my Jimmy Buffet CD!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  5. Laura says:

    I’m glad they specified the sharks had to be fake, otherwise I might not show. xo Laura

  6. John Friday says:

    Gotta say, I’m a little mystified that MUSIC didn’t make this list in any form….

    • Tammy Camp says:

      I don’t think it’s overlooked, I think music is an assumption. I no longer worry about having my CDs or MP3 player with me… I expect live music hired by the venue or local Parrot Head Club to be present. So, it’s not something I “need to bring” which was more of the focus of the poll we presented.

  7. Debbie says:

    You are my kinda gal! I just hosted a Key West party, and Jimmy Buffett was there in spirit ;o)

  8. Phyllis Tolhurst says:

    Love reading your comments! Fins Up!

    • Tammy Camp says:

      Thanks Phyllis! This was a fun article to write because of all the funny comments people provided. Our Parrot Head community is a humorous bunch!

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