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Tiramisu Martini Dessert Cocktail with RumChata

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This Tiramisu Martini recipe is especially fun for the holidays when sweet treats are more abundant. When it comes to easy RumChata cocktails, this is the best! Such a fantastic dessert drink for the Fall season and perfect for a Christmas cocktail to enjoy.

Upclose Triamisu Martini in a prretty martini glass with a Christmas background.

Tiramisu Martini with RumChata.

For this Tiramisu Martini recipe, RumChata is one of the main ingredients and happens to be one my favorite dessert liquors. The RumChata adds to the creamy texture of this drink along with flavors of vanilla and cinnamon. Once we add the Godiva Chocolate Liqueur and Kahlua, it’s dessert drink heaven!

Overall, it’s a creamy, sweet and boozy dessert and the best part is how quick and easy it is to make. I’ll make a Tiramisu Martini over baking a dessert any day.

The Tiramisu Martini full glass with Christmas background.


Can you Pre-Mix a Large Batch?


If you’re serving up Tiramisu Martinis for a party, you can easily pre-mix a large batch. Simply combine all the ingredients in a large pitcher and let it sit in the refrigerator.

When you’re ready to serve, fill a cocktail shaker with ice and add some of your pre-made mix and shake until your shaker is cold. Then pour and serve.

Liqueur Substitutes

There’s really no substitute for RumChata unless you make your own, but you can swap out some of the other liqueurs.

Kahlua is a coffee flavored liqueur and there are quite a few good options on the market. Cayman Reef Kona Coffee Liqueur is one of my favorites and I use it often. When I created this White Russian cocktail, I used the Cayman Reef brand. To me, they are completely interchangeable.

Godiva Chocolate Liqueur is a deliciously chocolate-y without being too sweet. I think Godiva does it best, but I certainly haven’t tried every chocolate liqueur on the market (there are a lot of them!). If you have a favorite, you can give it a try.

Top view of the Tiramisu Martini.


How to make a Tiramisu Martini

The measurements are super simple for this drink recipe. All you need is a typical shot glass, which measures 1.5 ounces. Of course, since all the ingredients are of equal parts, you can double this recipe easily.

Incredibly simple and the results are absolutely divine. Here’s how to make a Tiramisu Martini dessert cocktail:

Tiramisu Martini Ingredients

  • 1.5 ounces Kahlua
  • 1.5 ounces RumChata
  • 1.5 ounces Godiva Chocolate Liqueur
  • 1.5 ounces Half & Half
  • Garnishes (optional): Whipped cream, chocolate shavings, ground cocoa and lady fingers

If you don’t have time to make it right now, save this pin to your favorite RumChata cocktails board so you can easily remember the four ingredients you’ll need:

Tiramisu Martini with ingredients.



  1. Pour all ingredients into a shaker containing ice.
  2. Shake well to cool the concoction and strain into your pretty martini glass.
  3. Optional: Garnish with whipped cream, a dusting of cocoa powder and /or a small lady finger cookie for extra special presentation.


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Triamisu Martini


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