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Pirate Songs Trop Rock Music Playlist

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Love the Pirate life?

Then you’ll love these songs about modern day pirates as well as the nostalgia of days long ago when Pirates took to the sea. These are quality songs that you’ll listen to year round, not just on Talk Like a Pirate Day. Arrrrgghh.

Note: If you decide to purchase a song after clicking on our links below, the artist still gets their full payment and iTunes/Amazon gives us a couple pennies for helping them advertise. Help support the artists and Trop Rockin’ Magazine!

Pirate Songs Playlist:

pirate-songs-trop-rock-boat-drunksBoat Drunks: “A Pirate on the Caribbean”
No pillaging or plundering, but “the fun would never end with “Cuban Cigars and Puerto Rican Rum.” This song always makes me feel happy!

Amazon: A Pirate On the Caribbean (Redux)

pirate-songs-trop-rock-hugo-duarteHugo Duarte: “Modern Day Buccaneers”
Real pirates of the modern day, especially the drug smuggling hey days of the Florida Keys.

Amazon: Modern Day Buccaneers

pirate-songs-trop-rock-jesse-riceJesse Rice: “Gettin’ Down in a Pirate Town”
Co-writer of the #1 song “Cruise” by Florida Georgia Line, Jesse gives us that summer anthem feeling with a Pirate theme.

Amazon: Gettin’ Down in a Pirate Town

pirate-songs-trop-rock-jesse-riceJesse Rice: “Blackbeard’s Ghost”
A stirring pirate ballad.

Amazon: Blackbeard’s Ghost

pirate-songs-trop-rock-sunny-jimSunny Jim: “Blackbeard’s Navy”
This “Pirate Boy” ran off to join Blackbeard to “Cross the blue horizon until we fall off of the world or we meet with Davy Jones below the sea.”

Amazon: Blackbeard’s Navy

Donny BrewerDonny Brewer: “Coulda Been A Pirate”
A girl in every port, living off the plunders from treasure ships and a your job is drinking rum all day.

Amazon: Coulda Been A Pirate

pirate-songs-trop-rock-steve-tolliverSteve Tolliver: “Living Like a Pirate”
Following dreams and living free on a boat in the Caribbean. That’s Living Like a Pirate.

Amazon: Living Like a Pirate

pirate-songs-trop-rock-tiki-thom-starkeyTiki Thom Starkey: “Just an Old Pirate”
It wouldn’t be a Pirate song playlist without a fantastic Irish Pirate tale.

Amazon: Just an Old Pirate

Don Middlebrook “Nest of Pirates”
Run, Run, Run until you run out of Rum.

Amazon: Nest of Pirates

pirate-songs-trop-rock-highway-1Highway 1 Band: “Should Have Been a Pirate”
Another fun Pirate song and if you love Toby Keith’s original, this Pirate song parody is going to make you smile.

Amazon: Should Have Been a Pirate

Pirate Songs Danny RosadoDanny Rosado: “Pirates Of The Potomac”
The weekend boaters on the rivers and lakes are the pirates of today, drinking rum and anchoring out with friends.

Amazon: Pirates Of The Potomac

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