Jimmy Buffett Concert Frisco, TX Party in the Parking Lot


A Glimpse of the 2014 Frisco Jimmy Buffett Parking Lot Party We had to miss the Woodlands and Austin concerts, but received fan redemption when Jimmy Buffett announced his tour would include Frisco, Texas, known for one of the best parking lot parties in the nation. We set up in the Gold parking lot, home [...]

A Life Interrupted


A Life Interrupted Happy Independence Day Trop Rockers – This one will be dedicated to my next door neighbor, Jack and to those who are making life altering sacrifices for our benefit. I hope you’re finding yourself in a peaceful place today. I’m thinking of a rocking chair on a hill top porch overlooking the [...]

Margaritaville Destin, FL a Terrific Tropical Destination


  Margaritaville Destin, FL The Next-to-Newest US Margaritaville Last month I was excited to visit the newest Margaritaville Cafe in the United States, in the gorgeous city of Destin, Florida. Well, it was the newest at the time – Pigeon Forge actually opened a Margaritaville a few days ago. No matter, the Destin location is [...]

Key West Songwriters Festival Recap (Part 2)


Key West Songwriters Festival Recap (Part 2) Check out Part 1 of this series here Day two of the Key West Songwriters Festival is jammed up with 15 venues and over 100 songwriters hitting the stage! It’s a hot one and the Smokin’ Tuna was crowded. We nabbed a table way in the back and [...]

Life is Good Summer Style


Life is Good Summer Style Life is Good has a new style out this summer!  Reminds me of a California surfer girl.  Love these warm tones from reds, oranges, yellow and pink. Remember the best thing about ordering from Life is Good (besides the great quality) is free shipping and easy returns! Get your sunshine [...]

Songs for Father’s Day: Make Dad a Special CD


Songs for Father’s Day: Make Dad a Special CD In a tribute to Trop Rock (and traditional genre) Dads, I’d like to share a few songs from my favorite playlists about: Having and Raising Kids in case any of you need suggestions for a CD to burn for the special dads in your lives! Celebrating Family: [...]

Key West Songwriters Festival Recap (Part 1)


Key West Songwriters Festival May 7-11 2014 The Key West Songwriters Festival arrived on the island transforming the most popular watering holes and restaurants into an extension of Nashville. With my cohorts for the festival, we foolishly devised a plan. We were in it for the long haul and created a schedule to see just [...]