Key West Cemetery Photo Tour


Key West Cemetery Photo Tour The Key West Cemetery is a fairly active place despite the majority of the people being dead.  It’s an easy cut through for residents walking from one place to another, joggers find the paths less inhibited than the sidewalks of Key West and kids ride their bikes through the center [...]

Remembering Florida Key’s Musician Rick West


Remembering Rick (Munguia) West Playing music was Rick West’s passion in life. He started with classic piano as a child then picked up his first guitar at 16 years old.  Living life between the Tavernier and Sarasota, Rick was part of the Florida Keys sound.  It didn’t matter what he was doing, from relaxing on the [...]

Damiana Liqueur Margarita an Aphrodisiac?


Damiana Liqueur Margarita an Aphrodisiac? If you’re a fan of the little town called Todos Santos, about 45 minutes up the coast from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, you might know this place. It’s a little bar right across from the Hotel California called Tequila Sunrise Bar and if you indulged in a margarita there, did [...]

Jacksonville Parrot Heads host 9th Annual PHINS Gumbo Fest


 PHINS 9th Annual Gumbo Fest “Fighting hunger one bowl at a time” is the charity theme for the Parrot Heads in Natural Settings (PHINS) fundraiser supporting Mandarin Food Bank in Jacksonville, Florida.  Gumbo was a great way to go. Not only did the $10 all-you-can-eat wrist band work very well with sales, it also had [...]

Beach Decor & Style: Coastal Crabs


Crabs are a fun way to spice up your coastal decor. Bright colors add pop or muted cottage colors go great with the northeastern coastal feel. Throw pillows are one of my favorite accessories for the home, easy to change in and out on a whim plus they can change the whole look of a [...]

Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge


 Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge I just love motoring along A1A in Florida and finding my new Adventure.  A1A has many attractions and my recent travels brought me to the Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge. Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge deserves a great big Happy Birthday after 111 years of giving a safe environment to [...]

Music on the Bay 2014 Trop Rock Festival Highlights


Music on the Bay 2014 Highlights Music on the Bay hit it’s stride with it’s 3rd annual Trop Rock music festival held in Tampa, Florida, Feb. 27th – March 2nd.  Finally, the weather cooperated and the festival proved to be 3 1/2 days of beach fun with entertainment from 18 Trop Rock artists and bands. [...]